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Tycoon Farm Life is a 3D idle farming game.
Just expand your farm! Explore the world and enjoy the beautiful graphics of our game. Relax and see how your farm is growing and with it your earnings. Get all achievements. Extend your buildings to the maximum. Maximize profits.


Are you a farmer who dreams of a big farm and making a fortune? Would you like to have large stables, pens for horses, bulls, ostriches? Nothing lost! Start today from constructing the first building to expanding the entire farm. Become the owner of many equipment such as tractors, harvesters and other vehicles. Become the richest farmer with the sounds of joyful melody!


The climate is typically farmer, maintaining tone and harmony. By playing our game you can empathize and forget about the surrounding world. Pleasant 3D graphics reflect the character of the game even more.


  •  Manage your farm and earn more money ❗
  •  Buildings even earn if you are offline ❗
  •  Full 360 degree camera rotation
  •  Notification system📳
  •  Many achievements ❗
  •  Build all buildings and upgrade them to the highest levels! 🏡
  •  Special events ❗
  •  Admire the work of machines such as tractors, harvesters, jeeps, pickups! 🚜
  •  You will become the owner of many animals such as cats, cows, horses, bulls, pigs, dogs, ostriches, geese, sheep, rabbits🐶🐱🐮🐴🐷🐰🐔🐓🐣 🐟
  •  Help farmers, collect money from golden trees! 🌲🌳
  •  Look after your property's good name ❗
  •  Expand all 4 parts of the map as much as possible ❗

Our history

We are a team of 2 friends. We met in college while studying the same subject. Mariusz and Sebastian. We live in the small city of Rzeszów in Poland. Creating games and writing code is, among others, our greatest hobby and passion. We've been creating games separately for years, but now we've decided to join forces, resulting in Tycoon Farm Life. It began with joint discussions on our various projects and future plans. The project took us almost a year, it has evolved a lot over that time, from reworking many expansion systems to appearance and gameplay. The game has great potential and we plan to develop it by adding new interesting elements that will draw the game world even more. During the creation, each element of the game was discussed not only between us but also surveyed among our friends and the subsequent versions released were tested and evaluated by them. We wanted to create a game without violence and vulgarity, suitable for every age group, so that our younger and older siblings, our friends, would like it and that everyone would enjoy it.



Rzeszów, Poland