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Case Battle

Case Battle is an endless case opener and skins simulator game. There are endless ways to earn money from playing mini-games including clicker, minesweeper and wheel of fortune to trying out your luck by playing jackpot, coinflip or rollbit. The game includes chat and can be played without internet.

Gaben Knife

Arcade game. Throw all knives to go further, don't fail with spikes! Earn coins, get levels, unlock all types of knives and get all skins!

Chest Merge

The concept of the game is simple - you've got a chest of weapons or skins, and your only objective is to match and merge them. Sometimes you will get supply drop for better drop. Merge the same weapons with the same level!

2048 for Fortnite

Nice and addictive 2048 game with weapons from Fortnite! Make high score and try to beat the record! This game have multiple board (3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6)

Case Upgrader

Case Upgrader is a simulator where you can open cases, upgrade skins, chat & trade with other players, play jackpot & coinflip online and more! Open cases with all skins or special cases with specific skins. You can open 4 cases at time. Earned skins you can use in upgrader, trades, contracts, coinflip, jackpot, tower, slot machine.